Who’s Looking After You While You're Looking After Others?

We're recognised for our trusted advice and robust security & safety systems. We optimise all our solutions to fully meet your real-world needs safely, conveniently and cost effectively.

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Commercial Premises

Protecting your Commercial Premises, People and Property requires a cost effective mix of risk management and operational know-how...

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Schools & Universities

Our Schools & Universities experience spans a range of institutions, catering for the needs of faculty and students, including special access requirements...

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Residential Care Homes

Residential Care Home solutions require particular sensitivity and specialist skills to meet a wide range of needs, with convenience and reliability...

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Residential Flats & Houses

Flats & Houses are often viewed as easy cases where bog standard solutions will do just fine. As a result, key requirements are often overlooked...

Focusing on Compliance, Convenience and Cost Effectivness

Providing robust security solutions requires attention, skills and care in several areas. You may already know this as an experienced buyer, or you may be new to this field,  looking for trusted information to help you make informed choices.

Either way, we're here to ensure that you get that information and advice. Based on our extensive experience, we see many cases where people have inherited or been sold solutions that don't properly meet their needs, and in some situations, leave them exposed to unwanted risk or potentially high costs down the road.

Technically Robust Solutions to Meet Peoples' Daily Needs

We're seasoned engineers, and we focus especially on providing solutions that are not only technically sound, but also, meet the specific needs of the people who use those solutions in the 'real world'. (One without the other, frankly, isn't good enough.) Often, these "human factors" require a deeper understanding to ensure a good and lasting fit with how people actually operate in the real world. That includes safety, compliance, convenience and reliability.

Staying on the Right Side of Compliance

There are several key pieces of UK and EU regulations on security solutions. These and other practical issues have a direct bearing not only on the compliance and safety of your solution, but often, could have a direct bearing on your insurance premiums, risks and liabilities. We see it as part of our job to help you navigate through these complexities safely and with confidence.

Making Sound Decisions That Provide Peace of Mind

We've prepared a 'Before You Buy' page to provide you with a straightforward, practical explanation of some of the key factors we believe you should consider before choosing a solution from any provider. And of course, we'd be only too happy to discuss your specific questions and requirements in more detail.

What Our Clients Say

We are proud to serve our customers well, and we find that they value our extra attention to meeting their technical, compliance and human needs cost effectively. Here's a sample of their feedback:

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Taking the Next Step

To speak with us about your requirements, call now us today on 0131 654 2565 or email us at info@dlaccesscontrol.co.uk